1 Changing_Landscape_AdriNerone_2017Changing Landscape 2017, 66in x 66in, yarn


2 Neopolitan_AdriNerone_2014Neopolitan 2014, 77.5in x 82in, yarn


3 TeresasMargarita_AdriNerone_2017Teresa’s Margarita 2017, 48in x 36in, yarn


4 SmokeyQuartz_AdriNerone_2017Smokey Quartz 2017, 50in x 40in, yarn


5 Hypnotized_AdriNerone_2016Hypnotized 2016, 27in x 24in, yarn


6 Scab_AdriNerone_2017Scab 2017, 34.5in x 26in, yarn


7 LemonLime_AdriNerone_2013Lemon Lime 2014, 27in x 27in, yarn


8 CinnamonSugarToast1_AdriNerone_2017Cinnamon Sugar Butter Toast 1 2016, 15in x 11in, yarn


9 CinnamonSugarToast2_AdriNerone_2017Cinnamon Sugar Butter Toast 2 2016, 9in x 6.5in, yarn


I’m interested in the magic of relaxing by starting one of my crochet pieces and not knowing what it is going to turn into. These pieces are meant to be hung on the wall as blobby, distorted sculptures. I collect different colors and textures of yarn and I like to put them together like an abstract sculptural puzzle whose pieces will now distort, twist, add, subtract, bend, stretch, ebb and flow around themselves. It’s pieces are all about my gut decisions of what feels right and what urges I have in the moment and over my time. It’s fun for me to see what new energy, shapes and transformations I’ve created. I enjoy messing around with the techniques of crochet and doing things the wrong way on purpose to see what fun can come out of bending the rules. These pieces are becoming bigger and blobbier and I am excited to explore what happens next.